How to Build a Window Seat With Drawers

Build a Window Seat

A Window Seat is simply a unit that will attach to the inside of your wall and will provide you with a place to sit as well as storage space beneath it. The benefits of building a Window Seat with Drawers are many, and here’s a little information about the process as well as a few tips that you may find useful.

First of all, the instructions that are included in this guide are very detailed, but if you find them confusing, then I suggest that you check out the build a window seat with drawers video instead. As the introduction to this short video states, this project is designed specifically for intermediate to advanced DIYers, therefore if you are a beginner, you may want to consider something a little easier to get started with.

Windows that come equipped with drawers also have a built-in mirror that is easy to access, which will save you time and energy in getting ready in the morning or evening. This can also help you if you want to see how you look in the mirror. The benefit of having a built-in mirror is that you don’t have to use any special products to hide or cover the mirror, so it’s a very handy feature.


Window Seat with Drawers can be made in different shapes and sizes, and they are available in several different materials including wood, metal, fibreglass, etc. The most popular materials that are used for these types of furniture are wood and metal.

For the inside surface of the window seat with drawers, you should consider either buying ready-made drawers or making the drawers yourself. The ready-made ones are cheaper, but if you want to make your own, then the next best thing is to buy some custom made drawers, but only if you plan to install them permanently into your wall. If you do not do this, then your drawers will be able to be removed easily without affecting the appearance of the rest of your home, but if this happens, you will have to take the furniture out.

Build a Window Seat

Before you go any further with the installation process, you should remember that the best way to ensure that your finished product looks the way it’s supposed to be by building it in a step by step process. After all, the goal of building a Window Seat with Drawers is to provide storage, and not to take up the room.

Measure the Space

When you’ve built the Window Seat with Drawers and installed it, you should then take a moment to measure the space that the drawer will occupy. This will allow you to know whether or not you need to build the drawer in that exact spot, otherwise, you will have to take it out before you can put anything else in.

Once you have done that, the next step is to position your drawers in the window seat, aligning them correctly to ensure that they are at the right height. You’ll find that once you’ve done this, they will seem to hang perfectly where they should be.

Final Steps

The next step is to attach the hardware that you’ll be using to fasten the window seat to your wall. You can use nails or screws, depending on how much power you have, and how strong the hardware is. You can also use the screws to attach the piece to the chair itself if you’re so inclined.

You will then need to insert the two ends of the piece into the bottom part of the window seat, but keep your fingers and thumb just outside of the hole that holds the legs. You will need to screw them in tightly so that your piece will stay in place and prevent it from moving.

To seal the hole, you should screw in the other end of the piece and secure it to the seat as well, again keeping your fingers and thumb outside of the hole. To close it, just drill a series of holes into the backside of the window seat where the screws will fit.

Finish off by screwing in the hinges and attaching the frame to the seat. It should look as if it has been made just for you.

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